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  • Dr Banerjee is very kind and helpful. Yesterday we came to plano medical city for information. He helped us. We are thankful to him. God bless him.

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  • I decided to be an idiot and run my motorcycle into a street sign at approximately 55mph. I broke my right kneecap, my left femor, two bones in my left arm, suffered some spinal fractures and a brain bleed.

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  • Helped me and my son in our time of need. Have had multiple md’s comment on how they are surprised at how well injuries healed. I believe this is due exclusively to Dr. Banerjee. He is very skilled and I highly recommend. We have had great follow up from staff and his team.

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  • As a physician myself, I attest that it is not everyday that you witness a surgeon who embodies affability, sensibility, technical superiority and produces outstanding outcomes. Dr. Rahul Banerjee is one such surgeon. After my mother-in-law suffered major orthopedic trauma while vacationing in France, we did a LOT of research and clearly identified Dr. Banerjee as an expert in orthopedic surgery.

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  • Dr. Banerjee is a very talented surgeon who know what he is doing. He is an expert in his field and for him to do the job he did on my foot is really a miracle. I cannot recommend Dr Banerjee enough. He gets 10 stars in my book!!!! His staff is also sensational and everyone cares about all the patients. His work ethic is also off the charts and he went above and beyond to make sure before the surgery he addressed my questions, my fears and what I hoped to have happen.

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  • Dr. Banerjee and his team mean the world to me and my family. He fought for almost 2 years to save my leg after multiple surgeries never giving up on it. Always available to work with our schedule and gave us hope when no one else did. His professional skills and talents are above all we've ever heard of.

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  • If you need an Orthopedic surgeon, I recommend that you call Dr. Banerjee. I can’t write enough about how great Dr. Banerjee had been to me and my parents.

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  • Dr. Banerjee is the best. When I broke my leg in 2013 he was there to help me thru my recovery. Without his help I might still not be walking today.

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  • We were really lucky to have Dr Banerjee as the emergency orthopedist for my aged mother. He did a wonderful job during surgery repairing her broken elbow.

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  • Took care of my son in his time of need. My son received excellent care and follow up and as a parent was always well informed of options and plan.

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  • If you need an Orthopedic Surgeon, I recommend that you call Dr. Banerjee. He simply is the best. Dr. Banerjee was extremely meticulous and caring. Dr. Banerjee has been a blessing to me. I believe he is one of the best Orthopedic Surgeons.

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  • Thank you so much Doc Banerjee for seeing my grandma when she had a bad fall this year. Usually these falls are as bad but this time it was resulting in a fractured femur.

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  • I have been treated by Dr. Banerjee on several instances over a several year period due to having a few hobbies that leave me with broken bones. He is the only person I trust and has proven exceptional over the years that I have been going to him.

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  • Dr. Banerjee helped me recover from a leg break in 2013. I might never have walked again but Dr. B patiently worked with me and I am back at work full time.

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  • I could not thank him more for his excellent bedside manner. I have been to several doctors for my condition and they all provided the same treatment. Dr. Banerjee is the only one who listened to my symptoms and went above and beyond to figured what we needed to do to make it right.

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  • Great Doctor, with a great personality and very knowledgeable in his area of care.

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  • Dr. Banerjee's bedside manner was ALWAYS outstanding. He made sure that we (the family) could always get the answers to any of our questions even when he wasn't around. Frankly, we couldn't ever say enough good things about Rahul Banerjee and would go so far as to say that if you are considering Dr. Banerjee for your needs, look no further.

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  • Dr. Banerjee is an amazing surgeon. I have seen him work on countless patients & all of them have left our office pleased with his work. He is up front & honest about a patient’s recovery time & offers the best solution possible for each & every person.

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  • I was in a major car accident in October 2009. My tibula/fibula was broken and shattered. I spent 1 month at parkland hospital. Dr. Banerjee fixed me where I was able to walk again. I am very grateful for your work. Thank you for allowing me to walk again and live a normal life.

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