ORIF Distal Radius Fractures

Surgical treatment for Distal Radius Fractures

Surgical therapy is recommended for fractures that are completely displaced and cannot be corrected with a cast. Open reduction technique involves directly accessing and aligning the broken bones through an incision. After alignment, the bones can be secured together in the correct position with the use of any of the following or a combination of these techniques:

  •     Cast
  •     Plate and screws
  •     Metal pins (titanium or stainless steel)
  •     External fixation (outside the skin stabilizing frame to hold the bones in its aligned position until it heals)

Surgery is also recommended for all open fractures within a few hours after the wrist injury. The bone and exposed soft tissues are thoroughly cleaned, antibiotics are administered to prevent infection, and internal fixation methods are used to hold the broken bones in correct position. For badly damaged soft tissues, a temporary external fixator may be placed. The internal fixation screws or plates may be placed after several days in a separate procedure.